First Release on Apr 1

Mar 17, 2009 at 4:23 PM
Hi Team,
We are a bit in a hurry.

For the first release and to publish the project we just need a "Hello World". But we want to get more done until this date.
So I will just write down my thoughts and we can then plan what we can achieve and what we have to do for the second Release.

Just to remember, our we want the second Release to be up and running on Mar 1.
So, keep on running!

Also listen
I believe I can fly

(Just call me if you need some Red Bull)
Mar 21, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Roadmap for the Event Ticket Booking System

First Release on 2009 Apr 4

1. customer books card (internet)

choose day
chosse place
insert data (mail, name, first name, adress, telefon or mobil)
send data
send mail with data to customer and admin using a template (day, category, row number, place number, name, first name, adress, telefon or mobil)
show the booked place to the user marked as "I"

Second Release on 2009 Apr 25

2. admin uses the system (inherits the rights from the customer)

change booking status ("I" to "X")
book a place
I ... Internet
T ... Telephone
C ... Chor&more member
X ... booked places
rebook places
alter booking status
transfer places
delete booking status of places
create ticket
print ticket